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Streamlining Revenue Cycle Management for Altius Dental Offices

At Dental Outsource Private Limited, we specialize in providing comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services to dental practices, ensuring that they can focus on delivering quality oral health care to underserved and rural communities. Our commitment to excellence ensures that patients receive the best possible services from the practices we support. We continually strive to achieve the highest level of quality outcomes in all our endeavors.

Our company culture is rooted in integrity. We believe in doing the right thing consistently, even when faced with challenges. Fairness and impartiality are the cornerstones of our interactions with both our clients and team members.

People are at the heart of our business. We emphasize the importance of collaboration and investment in each other to achieve team success. We see ourselves as coaches, not bosses; leaders, not managers; and educators, not judges.

With Dental Outsource Private Limited handling your RCM needs, your dental practice can focus on what it does best: providing exceptional care to patients.

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 Sanjeev kumar

 Director of Operations

Shaila Gupta

 Director of HR

Dr. Tarun Mehra

Director of Compliance


Billing Manager

Anil Pal

Posting Manager

Neeraj kumar

AR Manager

Rohit kumar

Regional Billing Coach

Gobind Singh

Regional Billing Coach

Pankaj kumar

Regional Billing Coach

Vikram Singh

Insurance Verification manager

Neetan Dhiman

Credentialing manager

Ayush Mehra

Marketing & Website Specialist