One of the Best Decisions I’ve Made

I have been with Altius Dental for about 1 and 1/2 years, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I chose to become a part of the Altius team because it is a more intimate DSO and by that, I mean I can ALWAYS reach out to the owners Dr. Puri and Dr. Dhir at any time for questions and get any type of mentorship I need. They are so hands-on to make sure you’re comfortable and confident in your scope of dentistry. Altius also does a great job creating a strong office and corporate support to ensure both the practice’s success and mine.

Dr. Taipei












– Dr. Sarah Taipei















Help Guide Me & Efficiently Run the Day-to-Day

My name is John Norwood. I am a 2006 graduate of Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, TX.
I was a non-traditional student; I was 32 years old and already had a wife and three sons. Because of that, I never perceived an opportunity to slowly build up a private practice. I had to hit the ground running!

After 9 years of working for various companies around the metroplex, as well as moonlighting with wisdom tooth extractions throughout Texas, I joined Altius in August of 2015.

Altius seemed like a good fit because it had a strong schedule, gave freedom to diagnose and treat as I saw fit, and Dr. Dhir seemed to have a good ethical core.

6 years have proven all of these to be true.

Altius has allowed me to refine my “craft”, expand my scope and provide the best dentistry I can, all while providing for my family.

My favorite part of Altius (besides Dr. Dhir) has been the growth of the company. Altius has evolved since I have joined, constantly striving to be better at everything it does. It’s small enough that the leaders within the company have very direct access and knowledge of the practices, and they are there to listen as well.

Last year, I partnered with Altius; fulfilling a goal of mine to have a vested interest in a practice. Throughout the process, Altius has been there to help guide me when I asked and to efficiently run the day-to-day business operations.

I look forward to growing more with Altius, and giving my patients the best care I can, while still having a lot of time with my family.

Dr. John Norwood


– Dr. John Norwood

The Utmost Support

Before joining Altius, I was a lead/managing dentist with another DSO for a good amount of time. While I loved and could not be more thankful for the professional growth and development that such a position has given me, the amount of administrative and non-clinical burdens I had have left me being very burned out, drained, and exhausted. An opportunity to join Altius has come and I am very glad that I took it. I love that I have absolute clinical autonomy while the company provides me the utmost administrative and logistical support to make clinical practice as smooth as possible. With all the support provided by Altius, I am able to provide the high-quality and ethical clinical dentistry that my patients deserve while continuing to broaden my horizons in all aspects of dentistry each day. After joining Altius, I also get to enjoy living a good quality of life outside work. I no longer have to work a lot of extra uncompensated hours to finish non-clinical tasks and I never had to bring any work-related matters during my time offs.

Dr. Byron J.M. Junio












– Dr. Byron J.M. Junio

Help Guide Me & Efficiently Run the Day-to-Day

I have been with Altius for a little over 2 years now. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with a company that offers a chance for new dentists to grow and learn to do dentistry that I didn’t think I would learn to do. The leaders are always available anytime I have a question or need some guidance, which is very helpful.

Also, I love the people I get to work with daily and view my office team as a second family. I would recommend any dentist that is looking to grow clinically and professionally to join the Altius team!

Dr. Jacob Woods








– Dr. Jacob Woods